Hey there!! Welcome to The Style Script!

Everyone has known that girl who you ask where she got a cute outfit from or where she gets her hair done and she tells you some bogus answer about how it came from a thrift store in a small town she passed through in Indiana once and she does her hair herself (when clearly she doesn’t). Well, I got sick of those girls growing up and quite frankly I’m still sick of them. Newsflash, the reason why designers make multiple items of the same thing is so that more than one person can where the same thing (insert shocked emoji).

When I moved to Memphis I knew nothing. I didn’t know where to shop, where to get my hair or nails done, good places to go eat, nothing. I would spend hours searching the web for things and bounced between a thousand blogs and it just became exhausting.

Overtime I learned that other girls (and guys) kinda went through the same thing and had that mean girl that wouldn’t tell them diggity squat even if you paid them. Therefore, I created this little gem to try and help anyone out there that may need a laugh, resource, advice, fashion tip, DIY project idea, whatever it may be.

About Me: (Quick Blurb)

I’m Rachel Martin, a 20-something year old gal living in Memphis, TN with my husband Carrigan and our two dogs Lucy and Stella. I’ve always had a passion and love for fashion, beauty, and any DIY project I could get my hands on. I’m an Italian-American with zero filter and I could literally talk for days. I suffer from Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease and the blog really has become a positive creative outlet for me and a way to better manage my stress. I’m a full time Registered Nurse and love every second of it. My husband is the most HANDSOME Pharmacist you have ever seen in your life. My life really is a full combination of style and medicine and that’s how I came up with The Style Script ( i.e. Prescription).

Thank you for your support! I hope you continue along this journey with me!