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This past weekend we were fortunate to have been hosted by Hotel Indigo here in town. I had been in the hotel before but have never stayed so I was really excited to see what it was all about. Let me start off by saying, if you’re a Memphian or looking to travel to Memphis, go stay at Hotel Indigo. Y’all, I’ve lived here my entire life and have never felt so cultured. I don’t know if it’s the retro vibes, the hospitality, or location, but Carrigan and I left there blown away! I have never felt more a part…

Rosemary Beach

This year made year #3 in Rosemary Beach for us and I’m already wishing we were back! Carrigan and I first went to Rosemary for our honeymoon in 2017 and it automatically felt like home. We knew after that trip that this was a place that we always wanted to come back to and it would be a place where one day we can even bring our kids to. I’ve rounded up some our favorite places in Rosemary and a guide on where we stay and eat!

Where to Stay

Every year we usually rent an AirBnB or VRBO in either Rosemary Beach or Inlet. Inlet is right outside of Rosemary at the end of 30A. It’s a little quieter but super convenient to either walk, ride a bike, or drive into Rosemary. Usually the beach access in Inlet is a little less crowded as well. This year we rented an AirBnB and stayed at The Pointe! We really wanted to try and stay there because we always go to breakfast at Big Bad Breakfast. There is one here that I’ve grown up going to in Oxford, MS and this is also Chef Jonny Currence’s second location. Not to mention, they have poolside cabanas that are to die for. I have to be honest, though I was a little surprised because as “high end” as it appears, the first room that we had was quite dirty. There were stains on the carpet and couch. These places sell for almost 1 MILLION dollars and more. You would think that if you’re spending that much that they would at least have things cleaned better. However, they did apologize and placed us in a bigger room that was clean and amazing, I just hope that they will now be more aware of checking the rooms before allowing someone to come and stay. At the end of the day, we would 100% stay there again it just might not be my first pick.

Things that we look for in a place to stay are

  1. How far is it to the beach. We have walked, rode bikes, and driven. To be honest this last time we drove and it was so easy to just grab our few things, walk down, and when we were ready to come home we just put it in the car and headed back without having to walk or spend the energy biking with coolers, etc.
  2. Are beach chairs/umbrella included. This is a MUST y’all. I will never beach any other way. It’s so worth it! Even if your place doesn’t include it in the price, see if you can still get it set up through them. All you have to do is pick your spot on the beach and they will set out your chairs and umbrellas for you. You don’t have to tote them around or spend time setting up a space.
  3. Which side of 30A is it located on. We always stay right off of 30A and never on the other side of Highway 98. It’s just closer to the beach and town and it gives us the walk or ride or bike option instead of having to drive everywhere.

Where to eat

I could talk about this for hours!! Some of our favorite spots are

  1. We usually always start our trip with Mexican at LaCocina! Even though next time a new restaurant Amigos will be open so we will for sure be trying that!
  2. AMICI AMICI AMICI. I literally CRAVE this place all year until we return and I also beg them every year to come and open one in Memphis, maybe one day :). I’m Italian so I am very picky about Italian restaurants and this place has blown me away. It’s a must!
  3. George’s at Alys Beach. This place is on the nicer end when it comes to dining but it is phenomenal. Get a table outside for an early dinner and it is breath taking.
  4. Pescado. This is one is even nicer than Georges in my opinion. It can be on the pricer end but we went for our Anniversary dinner and couldn’t have been more pleased. You meet the hostess downstairs by this elevator and once you are confirmed you are greeted onto the elevator that takes you upstairs to the restaurant. It’s very relaxing and sophisticated. We sat inside but people wait hours to get the outside tables that overlook the ocean. Inside or outside, we are fans! From what we were told the menu has never been the same twice. They are always changing it and creating new dishes which is even more exciting because the food was so good it makes me want to go back to try something new!
  5. Shades. Now this is your laid back Bar and Grill that will make your hubby the happiest man on earth if you are in town for a Game Day or a MMA fight. They have about a trillion tv screens and not in a trashy way. The food is great and the environment makes you feel just a little more at home.
  6. Charlies Donuts. I’m sorry Gibsons please forgive me for what I’m about to say. HOLY EFFFFF. If you know me, you know I am a bit of a donut snob and LOVE my donuts. I kid you not, these are the greatest donuts I’ve ever had, second in line to Gibsons. They’re just like Gibson’s except BIGGER. We always end our trip by picking up these on the way out of town and snacking on them on the way home. It’s the BEST.
  7. Breakfast we always stick to BBB (Big Bad Breakfast) or Black Bear Bread Co (a little bit of a drive but worth it!) and of course Charlies Donuts for donuts.

Side note, I also love scallops so about every place I go in Rosemary I always try and get scallops i.e pictured below

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